Anti-human Platelet Factor 4 mouse, IgG2b


Product # a-PF4-h1
Immunogen Human Platelet Factor 4 (PF4, ChromaTec, Cat. # PF4-h)
Specificity Native (tetrameric) human PF4 (CXCL4)
IgG subtype Monoclonal mouse IgG2b,κ; (clone: 4C4H3)
Source Produced in mice immunized with native human PF4 (ChromaTec; # PF4-h), PF4 specific IgG was purified by affinity chromatography from supernatants of mouse hybridoma cultures.
Purity > 98% as determined by SDS-PAGE (silver staining)
Product sizes 20 µg, 200 µg (different sizes are available on request)
Quality control SDS-Page, PF4-ELISA, Dot Blot, MALDI-TOF-MS
Physical form Lyophilized in PBS (0.22 µm filtered), carrier free
(different buffers are available on request)
Reconstitution Reconstitute carefully in A. dest. (1 µl/µg IgG). Adjust the protein concentration with PBS. Do not vortex.
Applications* ELISA: This antibody can be used at 50 - 1000 ng/mL with the appropriate secondary reagents to detect native human PF4. The detection limit of 500 ng/ml a-PF4-h1 (1:2000 dilution) was 0.5 - 1 ng PF4 per well. Denatured PF4 (boiling, 2 % SDS) was only faintly detected. This antibody is not binding to denatured PF4 in Dot Blot or Western Blot analysis.
Shipping Ambient temperature
Storage Store dark in working aliquots at -20°C to -80°C.
Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Stability Lyophilisate is stable for at least 12 month.


This monoclonal antibody was purified from supernatants of mouse hybridoma cultures. It specifically binds to native human Platelet Factor 4 (PF4; also known as CXCL4), as determined by dot blot analysis and ELISA. PF4, the antigen of this antibody, is synthesized in megakaryocytes and platelets and is biologically active in the tetrameric form.

*Please note that the properties of this product may alter under different experimental conditions. If changes (buffers, pH etc.) are made, the responsibility is transferred from the seller to the customer. The material is neither intended or tested for clinical tests nor certified for human use.

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